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Iconien Game
Protect your eye from different harmful germs by creating rectangles to destroy them and score highest points. Start in one of your desired modes and create rectangles around the items with your left clic...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 08/02/2006
Trapped Game
Your aim is to discover about your self by solving various challenging mysteries inside the room where you are trapped. Instructions: Use the Mouse to pick the item and Click on different sides of the screen ...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 08/01/2006
Jenga Game
Your aim is to try and make the tallest tower using the blocks. Remove blocks from lower down the tower and place them on the top. And see how long can you keep the tower balanced. Instructions: Just Left Cli...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 08/01/2006
Invisibility Game
The object of the game is to pass your invisible mouse cursor through a series of mazes without bumping into any walls. You must start from go and arrive at where it says stop with your mouse.
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 08/01/2006
Cubilus Game
The aim is to move the boxes with different colors and shaped patterns on them, around the closed grid and try to get them to their matching pattern. Instructions: Click and Drag a box using your Mouse to mov...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 08/01/2006
Chain Reaction Game
The objective of the game is to invoke a chain reaction for as long as possible. Molecules will activate each other if their side atoms are connected. Instructions: Left Click on a molecule to start the chain...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/29/2006
The Lardener Game
Help a fat guy to earn money by playing games, buy stuff from online stores and lose weight, to win. Instructions: Move around using the Arrow Keys and Hold Down Shift Key to walk faster. Use your Mouse to...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/29/2006
Prachka Game
The goal of this game is to navigate your blue and yellow blinking box to the red goal-in the fewest moves possible-using just the Arrow keys for control. One key press will send the box moving in that directio...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/28/2006
Matter Game
The aim of this interesting puzzle game is to arrange different pieces and try to match the shape of the object in the small window to the left side of the game screen. Instructions: Use Mouse to drag and dro...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/27/2006
Video Game Sim Game
Roam around the city, earn money and play video games to become a professional gamer in just 80 days. Instructions: Move your Mouse over the different objects to get a small description about them. Left Click...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/25/2006
Rings Game
In this game you've to match the rings in the square grid with the pattern shown at the top left corner of the screen. But the real challenge is that the pattern disappears after a while. Instructions: You've...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/22/2006
Oh My Cake Game
Some evil bugs have stolen your favorite cake and has scattered around the house. Find them before you run out of time! you've to find out all the bugs that have stolen your cake, before the time runs out or y...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/21/2006
Click Drag Type Game
This is an interesting game made up of some challenging puzzles that will keep you busy for a while. You must solve a puzzle to proceed to the next one. All the puzzles are different and requires some patience ...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/09/2006
Bomber Kid Game
Your Aim is to cross the Garden by killing the Monster Tomatoes and blowing the bushes. Stay away from the Mines and Monster Tomatoes or you lose 1 life. You have limited Bombs, but you can collect Bonus Bomb p...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/08/2006
Industry 2 Game
Help our hero to escape out after his balloon was shot down by anti aircraft guns.Instructions: Left Click on the various characters and items on the game screen in each level to make things happen. Remember t...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 07/01/2006
Road Blocks Game
The aim of the game is to get the ball into the goal by any means possible. Instructions: Use your Arrow keys to move the ball. The ball will continue in its path until it is stopped by a wall. If the ball hi...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 06/30/2006
Pipe Mania Game
Lay down pipes before water starts flowing and try to make it reach the drain. Instructions: Use the mouse to curve arrow to rotate the piece and Left click on the empty space to place the particular p...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 06/30/2006
Dark Melt Game
In this game you have to clear an ice block maze and get to your destination in every level by capturing the flag. In order to do this, you need to run and jump over ice blocks to melt them. Also avoid from ...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 06/21/2006
BF Good Rich Game
You have to find all four tires that are hidden in the garage. find them and drag them on your car. Its your race against the clock. Instructions: Once found the bf goodrich tires drag them on your car....
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 06/21/2006
981 Game
This is an addictive puzzle game where you've to extinguish fire at the house before the time runs out. But the challenge is to connect the different pieces of water pipe between the water outlet and the hose. ...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 06/15/2006
Ring Bearer Game
Try to become the ringbearer by answering all 15 questions correct. You have 3 lifelines to help you in your quest i.e. 50/50, Ask the wizard, and Ask the council. Instructions: Just click on the answer to s...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 06/10/2006
UN Weapon Inspector Game
Your mission is to destroy the hidden weapons facility! Use the clues to both find the weapons and avoid Danger! follow the instruction given in the game carefully! Instructions: Use the Arrow Keys to nav...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 06/07/2006
Maeda Path Game
Using your input device of choice, move your Mouse Cursor within the blue circle to begin. Carefully guide the cursor through the path as it moves, avoiding the walls as you go. At the end of each level,...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 05/11/2006
Chinese Checkers Game
The idea of the game is to beat your opponent by clearing as many pieces as possible from the board. Unlike checkers, where only one move be made in the forward direction. But in this game, successive jumps are...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 05/11/2006
The Package Game
A package bomb has been activated and you've no chance to escape, unless you solve the puzzles and defuse the bomb. You've only one chance to survive, by deactivating the bomb. The timer has started to co...
Games / Puzzle Games | added on: 05/10/2006
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