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Observing a light across the water, the captain had his signalman instruct the other vessel to change her course ten degrees south.

The response was prompt:
Change your course ten degrees north."

"I am a captain," he responded testily.
"Change your course ten degrees south."

The reply: "I'm a seaman first class--change your course north."

The captain was furious.
"Change your course now.
I'm on a battleship."

"Change your course ten degrees north, sir--
I'm in a lighthouse!"

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Ann - 13, 03 2008 : Like that one ha!

W - 28, 08 2009 : Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

your name - 12, 11 2009 : funny!

nigga lover, so wha - 09, 02 2011 : i love black dick,<33333333333333

ABBY - 03, 07 2012 : HAHA LOL FUNNY!!!!!

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